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Spring 2014

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All information on our recent publications is available for download here. It provides title data, book covers, and introductory texts of all new publications. We hope this is of great help to you for press coverage of our new program and its components, for reviews of specific titles, as well as to include titles in your bookstore catalog.
Pictures in 300 dpi and texts will require a password, if you don't already have got one, please require it here.

Spring 2014


Bernard Durin
Beetles and Other Insects

ISBN 978-3-8296-0632-5
Cover 300 dpi
Catalogue reference

Leonard Cohen
Almost Young

ISBN 978-3-8296-0664-6
Cover 300 dpi
Catalogue reference
Grace Kelly
Film Stills

ISBN 978-3-8296-0668-4
Cover 300 dpi
Catalogue reference
Jean-Baptiste Mondino
Smoking Permitted
ISBN 978-3-8296-0669-1
Cover 300 dpi
Catalogue reference
Sean Ellis
Kubrick The Dog

ISBN 978-3-8296-0675-2
Cover 300 dpi
Catalogue reference
Nick Knight

ISBN 978-3-8296-0677-6
Cover 300 dpi
Catalogue reference
Robert Mapplethorpe

ISBN 978-3-8296-0678-3
Cover 300 dpi
Catalogue reference
Candida Hoefer

ISBN 978-3-8296-0186-3
Cover 300 dpi
Catalogue reference
Karl Blossfeldt
The Working Collages

ISBN 978-3-8296-0579-3
Cover 300 dpi
Catalogue reference
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