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Spring 2014

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Dear Schirmer/Moselites!


Our Spring 2014 list covers again books by some of the finest European and American photographers who for many years have been stars of Schirmer/Mosel’s publishing program.

We are celebrating our 40th anniversary on Fool’s Day 2014 with two classics by Robert Mapplethorpe, Flowers and his Black Book, and a new edition of Candida Höfer’s famous classic, Libraries. Kubrick The Dog by Sean Ellis and Nick Knight’s Flora book represent entertainment and genius from London. Paris says bonjour with a new book by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, his fourth Schirmer/Mosel publication. Entitled Smoking Permitted, it is a provocative collection of images about elegance and vice. No doctors, please!

American show business enters the stage with a tribute to Canadian rock star Leonard Cohen and a book of film stills reminiscing the cinematic career of the immortal Grace Kelly. Before becoming Princess Gracia Patricia of Monaco she starred in eleven Hollywood movies, three of them directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

And finally, a great The New York Times review of Bernard Durin’s unmatched book featuring his complete series of insect paintings paved the way for a second edition.

I hope you’re enjoying what we’ve prepared for you.


Kindest regards,



Lothar Schirmer

Munich, December 2013



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