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 Fall 2015


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Dear Schirmer/Moselites,


Here is our fall catalog 2015. It contains some highlights that I’d like to mention up front:

Wim Wenders’ new book of landscape photographs deals mainly with the solitude and loneliness of the American West and other places he found during his travels around the globe.

Cy Twombly’s great artistic work, an early publishing impulse when Schirmer/Mosel was founded 40 years ago, is celebrated by continuing his Catalogue Raisonné of Drawings. Volume V covers the years 1970 and 1971. Both catalogues, the one on his paintings and the one on his drawings, have been engaging our energy for some 30 years now, and the drawings edition will continue to do so for several years to come. 1945 – Icons of a Year collects some of the most important moments of 20th-century history, featuring photographic icons from the Eastern and Western front. Robert Longo’s acclaimed photographic series Men in the Cities is back in print.

Fashion photographer Sante D’Orazio’s polaroids of beautiful women are a breathtaking sensation.

American architect Helmut Jahn’s giant buildings are the subject of a mesmerizing monograph by German photographer Rainer Viertlböck.

Jimmy Dean says hello with a visual biography of his short life. The 60th anniversary of his untimely death in September 2015 will certainly prompt the rebel hero’s resurrection in the media. Eileen Gray’s seminal furniture and architecture designs presented in Peter Adam’s major monograph cover not just fifty but all shades of Gray.


These and many more interesting titles will hopefully be appreciated by professionals of painting, photography, fashion, and design—and by the general public as well.


Kindest regards,

Lothar Schirmer

Munich, May 2015



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